Panzura raised $25 Million

Panzura raised $25 Million

Here is an interesting piece of news! Cloud storage startup Panzura announced on Friday, that they have raised $25 million within Collection G financing in order to expand their cloud storage business.

Shift after 5 Years

The shift arrives five years after Panzura started offering their highly scalable cloud storage services.

Panzura’s Profile

Panzura offers companies a cloud-integrated storage space program that offers system storage space efficiency, cloud assistance, a diverse global presence, pre-installed FIPS 140-2 accredited safety, plus data security.

Incredible Growth

Over the last five years the company has enjoyed an incredible 700% increase in revenues and demand. Thus the new financing need.

Peta-bytes of Data Handled

Panzura states that it handles petabytes for its clients. You can read more about similar companies at

Good luck Panzura!