How Important is Uptime when You Choose Web Hosting?

How Important is Uptime when You Choose Web Hosting?

Are you wondering if uptime (or downtime) is important when you look for web hosting? The answer is an absolute big YES!

You don’t get what you pay for

Downtime is a service outage, and that means you don’t get what you paid for (hopefully) a brief time. Now if only that would be the problem, but it’s worse.

You Don’t Look Professional

Your visitors will see a blank page, a server error message, or just an ever-loading browser window. That’s not a good user experience and it may cost you business. That’s why it’s so important.

If you run a web shop, every second down can mean a lost sale.

What Is Uptime?

The hosting uptime is the time your website is reachable on the net. If you are somewhat familiar with web hosting, you may know that it’s almost impossible to get a hundred percent uptime. Sites that promise you that, are likely not sincere since all systems are vulnerable.

The planned downtimes usually consist of software updates, machine reboots etc..

Uptime Guarantees

Most web hosts offer orguarantee 99.99% uptime. These can include planned or unplanned downtimes.  99.99% uptime means that the website can be down 4 minutes 19 seconds in 30 days. That’s not a lot, especially if most of it is a planned downtime at nighttime. Quite surprising is that FatCow hosting does not provide an uptime guarantee. It’s one of the top hosts, so it would be a nice feature from them.

What does good web hosting look like?

It’s easy, high uptime, huge disk area, memory, bandwidth, availability and processing power.

To sum it up, uptime is definitely one of the most important features of a hosting company.